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We are experts in treatment techniques for contaminated soil and water. We offer solutions that suit your specific needs. Envytech’s aim is to provide the latest and most effective treatment technologies on the world market. We have developed a completely unique toolbox, i.e comprising one of Sweden’s largest and most modern fleet of water treatment facilities and exceptional techniques for the treatment of PFAS-contaminated water and soils.

  1. PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Water

    We offer, as the only supplier outside Australia, the new treatment SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation. The treatment uses the physio chemical propensity of PFAS to attach to fine air bubbles.

  2. PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Soil

    EnvyTech performs decontamination and stabilization of PFAS-contaminated masses by mixing in the treatment agent Rembind (Ziltek). This stabilization means that leaching properties of PFAS are minimized. Thus, the masses can be deposited as other contaminated masses without further protective measures.

  3. Water Treatment

    We have extensive experience of water treatment projects and can offer expert advice for all types of water. Our modern and easy-to-use water treatment systems can be tailored to meet all the site-specific challenges each project can offer.

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Envytech will be at IFAT in Munich May 13–17

Stop by our booth 522, hall A2, to learn more about our complete range of services for treatment of PFAS. We will talk about the most effective methods for treating PFAS-contaminated water, PFAS-contaminated soil, PFAS-contaminated surfaces, and systems. We offer help in all stages of the process, from the design of complete systems, establishment, operation, service, and follow-up.