Envytech offers comprehensive services and total commitments in decontamination, water treatment, mass handling, and clearance projects. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

  1. PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Water

    Envytech is specialized on treatments for PFAS contaminated water. We offer, as the only supplier outside Australia, the new treatment SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation. The treatment uses the physio chemical propensity of PFAS to attach to fine air bubbles. As the bubbles rise, they are exceptionally effective at collecting PFAS contaminants that are loosely bound to the water molecules. The bubbles create a foam that can be separated from the water and is then concentrated in a second step, using vacuum. Left is a high concentrate of pure PFAS, in small volumes, less than 10 liters per 10 000 m3 treated water.

  2. PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Soil

    EnvyTech performs decontamination and stabilization of PFAS-contaminated masses by mixing in the treatment agent Rembind (Ziltek). This stabilization means that leaching properties of PFAS are minimized. Thus, the masses can be deposited as other contaminated masses without further protective measures. We have Rembind in stock and can perform the stabilization and guide you through the process. We also perform stabilization trials at labs (Eurofins) to customize the product specifically to suit your soils and contamination.

  3. PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Systems and Surfaces

    Envytech offers cleaning techniques for PFAS-contaminated surfaces and systems. We use PerflourAd®, which is designed for cleaning sprinkler systems, tanks, storage vessels, hoses and pipelines. The method, which includes treatment of rinse water, generates little or no waste and reduces the concentration of PFAS by more than 99%. PerflourAd® is a natural, plant-based product specifically designed to remove PFAS from water and to dissolve PFAS crystals from surfaces. When PerflourAd® is dissolved in hot water, it binds the PFAS molecules and traps them in flocs. The washing liquid is then collected and PFAS can be removed through a combination of sedimentation and filtration.

  4. Water Treatment

    We have extensive experience of water treatment projects and can offer expert advice for all types of water. Our modern and easy-to-use water treatment systems can be tailored to meet all the site-specific challenges each project can offer. We offer modern, easy-to-maintain filter systems for purifying water contaminated with PFAS, organic pollutants such as chlorinated solvents and oil, and heavy metals including mercury and cyanide. For particle separation and treatment of particle-bound contaminants, we offer effective solutions including flocculation, pH adjustment, and sedimentation. We can handle any flow rate, from low levels to those larger than 100 m3/h.