PFAS Treatment and Remediation – Systems and Surfaces

The method we use includes the use of the researched cleaning product PerflourAd® – a natural product with no corrosive or work environment-hazardous properties. PerflourAd® is specifically designed for cleaning PFAS-contaminated surfaces, such as sprinkler systems, tanks, storage vessels, hoses and pipelines. The method, which includes treatment of rinse water, generates minimal waste and can reduce PFAS amounts on surfaces by up to 99%.

AFFF, (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a type of firefighting foam commonly used to extinguish Class B liquid and petroleum fires. All AFFF contain intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as an active ingredient. Other types of Class B firefighting foams that also contain intentionally added PFAS are alcohol-resistant AFFF (AR-AFFF), film-forming fluoroprotein foam (FFFP), alcohol-resistant fluoroprotein foam (AR-FFFP), fluoroprotein foam (FP), and alcohol-resistant fluoroprotein foam (FPAR).

Since regulations require AFFF products containing PFAS to be replaced with fluorine-free foams, it is important that systems containing these liquids are cleaned before new product is loaded into the system, and that cleaning is done with respect to PFAS. Since PFAS consists of so-called supramolecules, which when they hit surfaces create crystal layers, flushing the systems with water is not enough to remove PFAS compounds. When carrying out non-PFAS specific washing, there is a risk that only the topmost layers of PFAS crystals are removed, which means that residual PFAS can dissolve in the new product and contaminate the fluorine-free product with PFAS levels that exceed the new requirements. It is therefore necessary to use well-functioning methods and products, and that is why we at Envytech use PerflourAd® together with a well-proven cleaning routine and execution.

PerflourAd® is a natural, plant-based product researched by Cornelsen Gmbh in Germany. The product is specifically designed to clean PFAS from water and to dissolve PFAS crystals from surfaces. When PerflourAd® is dissolved in hot water, it binds the PFAS molecules and traps them in flocs. The washing liquid is then collected, and as the flocs are heavier than water, PFAS can be removed through a combination of sedimentation and filtration.

The product is completely natural, and it does not pose any chemical compatibility risk with materials and parts found in fire fighting systems and does not cause corrosion. In addition, the product is safe for operators to use/handle and does not require the circulating water to be at a high temperature. If hot water were to be used, reduced rinse cycle times can be obtained. We can work effectively with unheated water and would not normally work with water above 35-40°C, which is a temperature range that stays within the temperature specifications of HDPE, rubber seals, hoses, painted/coated steel etc. found on fire fighting systems – as well as being safe for operators.

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