Korsör, Denmark

Assignment: Sustainable removal of both long and short chain PFAS using SAFF.

Scope: First SAFF project in Denmark to treat PFAS contaminated water at Korsör firefighting school. The commissioning of the SAFF is a part of the Horizon2020 SCENARIOS Project EU. A project where EU has granted three teams to evaluate ”all” in regards of PFAS entering routes to the environment, routes of transport in the environment, toxicity, effect on human and environmental health and much more, as well as evaluation of sustainable and economic remediation and destruction methods. In short, the project is described as EUs take on being best in the world at PFAS. Envytech Solutions AB is an important part of the project, both supplying the SAFF technology, created by EPOC Enviro, as well as managing the role as team leader for Work packages 7 – Remediation.

The treatment uses no consumables such as filter medias or chemicals, and remove up to 99,9% of PFAS6 compounds, as well as some shorter chain compounds. However, as research by biotech company, and Envytech partner, Allonnia, show potential of additives to further enhance the removal efficiency of short chain PFAS in the SAFF, we will be adding different amendments and research their potential to increase SAFF removal efficiency.

The unit on site is a SAFF20 unit with treatment capacity of 7-12 m3/h, depending on the water. SAFF20 has the capacity to perform two concentration steps (up to 500 000 times), producing minimal waste, only using 0,7 kwh/m3 treated water. A difference to the SAFF40 system, being able to achieve concentration factors of up to 2,5 M times. The unit will stay on site until July 2024.

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