Client: Alvesta Town

Assignment: Water purification with regard to metals, dioxins, pesticides and PFAS from discontinued wood impregnation operations.

Scope: Purification of stormwater that accumulated and flooded a closed wood impregnation industry in Småland. When the business went bankrupt, the responsibility for remedial measures fell on Alvesta town. The contaminated water contains high concentrations; copper, arsenic, zinc, lead, dioxins and pesticides as well as PFAS, exceeding current guideline values. The water also contains large amounts of wood shavings and biomass that have accumulated in the water. Particles, particle-bound pollutants and to some extent dissolved metals are effectively separated by flow-controlled dosing of flocculation and precipitation chemicals. For the purification of dissolved metals, dioxins, pesticides and PFAS, a range of different filter solutions. The water has been challenging and changing as the location of pumping has been moved within the area, which was solved by quickly realigning and adding purification steps.