Client: Proton Finishing Group AB

Assignment: Remediation of a former surface treatment industry

Scope: Envytech performed remediation of a former surface treatment industry. Soil and groundwater contained PFAS, cyanide, chromium, nickel, a combination that is challenging in soil and water treatment. The soil masses containing 3-1000 ug/kg PFOS were stabilized and the leaching properties reduced by approx. 96-99% and deposited at HMAB-Vankiva. In the current project, the focus was on bed time/contact time and not flow. Purification was done in several stages with a focus on particle separation through sedimentation and separation. Currently, approximately 2,000 tons of PFAS compounds, 900 kg of PFAS-contaminated concrete and 1,000 tons of IFA compounds have been treated and deposited. For more information about the project, contact one of our project managers.